Rubber Toy Vehicles

1946 Playthings magazine for the upcoming Toy fair showing a GMC Carry Car with some of the sales leader ship team riding inside. It is interesting to note that Bill Killgallon left his position at Auburn as Sales manager in 1955 to work for Ohio Arts as Vice President. He was credited for bringing Etch-A-Scetch to the company and naming it. 

Auburn Rubber made some fine examples of Rubber Toy Vehicles. They where certainly not as detailed as some of the unknown manufacturers like the Plymouth and Pontiac's with there wooden hubcaps and detailed trim and logo's on the front grill or trunk. 

But there was something Auburn did better then anyone and that is packaging and marketing. In 1941 Auburn won the All American Package Competition. Here I will show some examples of how Auburn set themselves apart from there competitors when they where on the shelf at the local dime store.

The common theme... Safe * Silent * Sanitary * Scratchproof. Click on Auburn Rubber at the top to open more tabs.

1939 Hardware Age Magazine advertisement ​for Auburn Rubber. Here we can see the diverse portfolio that Auburn had to offer, shoe soles, fly swatters, jar openers and of course toys.